The Shoe Project Archive Table of Contents


Session 1, Toronto


1: My Great Grandmother:
The Wartime Shoemaker

2: In My Red High Heels

3: A Conversation Starter

4: Mother's Work

5: Skiing

6: The Wind Beneath My Feet

7: Canada, Olé

8: My Aunt’s Memory of Shida

9: Cooverji the Village Cobbler / Baby Black Shoes

10: My Nike Running Shoes

11: My Funky Shoes

12: My Blue Wedgies

Session 2, Toronto



13: Democratic Shoes

14. My Grandfather's Gift

15. An Afternoon at the Abbey

16. Window to the World

17. Thin as Silk

18. Walking

19. Dance to Live

20. Irish Green Shoes

21. Treasure Shoes

22: Red Boots



Session 3, Toronto



23: My Convocation Shoes

24: My One and Only Pair of High Heels

25: My Valentino Shoes

26: Caroline's Shoes

27: Sand in My Shoes

28: My Mother's Working Shoes

29: Something Old

30: This Time in Technicolour

31: The Perfect Shoes

32: Saying Goodbye

33: Invisibility Shoes

34: Baby Blue Bike Shoes

35: In Her Shoes



Session 4, Toronto



36:  Sealed Envelope

37: Pinky

38: I Missed the Bus and Survived

39: The Scent

40: Time to Grow Up

41: First Winter Boots

42: Ode to the Flip-Flop

43: Garage Sale

44: Being an Immigrant

45: Fill My Shoes…and My Heart

46: Verka the Lame


Sessions 5 & 6, Toronto



47: Two in One Shoe Story

48: Reborn

49: Growing Up in Lineups

50: First Step

51: My Wedding Shoes

52: Black and White West

53: My Son’s Running Shoes

54: My Freedom Shoes

55: Choosing Shoes—and a Groom—in Kathmandu

56: A Shoe That Survived

57: The Rhythm of My Safety Shoes

58: Baby Shoes in the Garden

Session 7, Canmore

59: Fancy Footwear

60: Meg’s White Skates

61: Shoes For Today!

62: My Havaianas

63: High Heels and Crutch

64: Breathe. Step. Breathe.

65: A Box of Shoes


Session 8, Toronto

66: Cast-off Shoes

67: Immodest Boots

68: My Student Shoes

69: Double Take

70: Blue and White Slippers

71: My Resilient Shoes

72: Adventure Boots

73: Goodbye Boots

74: Shoes for the Revolution

75: My Refugee Life



Session 9, Toronto

76: Lost Shoes of a War

77: The High Heels I Brought to Canada

78: Leaving in Eight Hours

79: Eyewitness: Told by a Pair of Shoes

80: Crocheted Baby Booties

81: Trophy Shoes

82: The Ugly Uggs

83: Life is a Miracle

84: My Hercules Shoes

85: The Neighbour

86: My Shiny Witness


Session 10, Calgary

87: Cocoon Shoes

88: Steps to the Life

89: My Slippers are My Best Friend

90: Magic Mehri

91: Her Shoes, My Shoes

92:Uptown Funk Shoes

93: My Inherited Shoes

94: Shoes Inhabited by Memories


Session 11, Canmore, August 17, 2017

95: Life in Flip-Flops

96: Heels to DIE for

97: My Angel

98: An Interrupted Flight

99: Kitten Heels

100: A Perfect Fit

101: My Super-Hero Boots

102: My Sister’s Gift

103: Reunited

104: Sky Blue Silk

105: On My Own Feet

106: My Heart Wants What It Wants!

Session 12, Halifax, September 15 and 17, 2017

107: Wear Your Slippers

108: The Ugly Black Rubber Boots

109: In My Old Suitcase

110: Shoes Mean Home and Belonging

111: My Shoes are My Rock and Anchor

112: The Personality of Shoes

113: My Daddy Bought Me Sneakers

114: My Mother’s Shoes

115: Lollipop Shoes

Session 13, Toronto, November 7 and 9, 2017

116: Teeny Toes

117: My Colourful Boots

118: Ballerina Shoes for Canada

119: To Abbu

120: My Leopard Shoes

121: Mismatched Shoes

122: My First Prayer

123: Ice Tracks

124: How Comfortable Are They?

125: Happy Campers

126: Submerged

127: Back-up Slippers

Session 14, Calgary, January 21, 2018

128: Stateless

129: The Forgotten Box

130: The Secret Power

131: The Shoes of Hope

132: Finishing Strong

133: A Pair of Steel-toe Boots

134: Never Give Up

135: Kitchen Shoes

136: My Funny Winter Shoes

137: Trading Shoes

138: A Love Story

139: A Surprise Landing

Session 17, Vancouver, June 22, 2018

Walking in My Sandals to Freedom

When We Meet Again

My Ugly Ringos


They May Still See My Bright Shoes

An Unexpected Journey

The First Argument


Where do I want to belong?

Why Do I Always Choose the Wrong Shoes?



Session 18, Toronto September 23, 2018

Jasmine Vases

Lucky Bird

My Mother’s Farmer Shoes

Shoes Tell Their Owner's Stories

Snow Boots 

Tan Lines of My Sandals

My Brown Shoes

The Rhythm of My Safety Shoes


Session 19, Calgary, January 26, 27, 2019

Changing Plans

A Fresh Start

One Step at a Time

Bata: My teacher of Life

My Combat Boots

Curses and Blessings

Strength in a Shoe

Will I Change My Shoes Again?


Citizen of Nowhere: My Shidas and I

Shoes of Harmony


Kindness Goes a Long Way

Ranger Boots


Session 20, Canmore, February 1 and 2, 2019

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

With My Shoes On

My High Heeled Shoes

My Adventure

My Dancing Shoes

Metaphorical Shoes

My Work Buddy

Feeling Free and Judged

Wee Boots to Ski Boots

An Inca Warrior Princess in Black Suede Boots



Session 21, Antigonish, February 8 and 9, 2019

My Birkenstocks

Killer Shoes

The Tradition of Wooden Shoes

My Family as a Pair of Sneakers

Silver Sandals

A Journey

My Black Padded Boots

Boots for the Great White Polar Bear Country


Session 22, Toronto, March 31, April 2, 2019

Brown Boots

Circle of Life

Home Town Across the Ocean

My Butterfly Shoes

My Old-Friend Shoes

My Red Blundstones

New Shoes Eventually Stretch Out

Nubuck Winter Boots

Puma Running Shoes

Qib Qbs

These Boots were Made for Walking in the Snow


Session 23, Vancouver, January 11, 12, 2020

A Happy Birthday

A Special Occasion

Beneath the Surface

Birds Born in Cages

Little Shoes

My Mother and Grandmother Walk with Me

My Shoes Left Behind

My Journey from Motherland to Motherhood

The Only Friends I had

When Life Gives you Lemons, Sell Them and Buy Shoes

Your Boots Don't Make You


Session 24, Calgary, January 25, 26, 2020

Butterflies of Love

The Crocheted Hat

Virtual Dreams

Snow at the Border

My Educated Head Scarf

Home Sweet Home

The Click that Changed My Life

My Hooded Homeland Jacket

The Blackfly Hat

My Borrowed Hat

My Big Pink Hat

Rainbow Head Scarf

Session 25, Toronto, March 8, 2020

Heels in My Life

History Shoes

Hit Your Heels

In My Softer Shoes

In The Flow

In Salmon’s Shoes

My Bata Slippers

My Boots Hurt Me

My Congo Shoes

My Most Annoying Shoes

The Apotropaic


Session 26, Halifax, March 8, 2020

Bittersweet in Slip-Ons

Coming Home


From Guilt to Gratitude

I Dream of Pania’s Shoes

Just Go with the Flow!

New Shoes, Ancient Traditions

Red Looks Good on the Snow

Shaminu and Her Travelling Shoes

Shoes with a Red Heart

The Boots Are Made for Changing Lives

The Shoes of Childhood