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The Ghost Brush

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Finding the sweet spot

Read the blog post by Shaun Hunter on re-reading Between Men

Latest Publication

The Immaculate Conception Photography Gallery title story is featured in a new anthology, The Stories That Are Great Within Us.

THE GHOST BRUSH appears in Japan in May from the Japanese publisher Sairyusha.

THE GHOST BRUSH, aka THE PRINTMAKER'S DAUGHTER has been sold for translation into Romanian, Japanese, French and Spanish.La Femme Hokusai appeared in Quebec bookstores October 2, 2013 from Quebec Amerique. Stay tuned for more publication dates.

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On rereading Hearts of Flame

There is the book itself on the shelf – sitting there amongst the many, with my name on the spine. I lift it off.  It has a certain weight. Its cover and design are freshly pleasing.  A made object, appreciated anew. Read more...

The Library of the Found Inkwell reviews The Ghost Brush/The Printmaker's Daughter.

Big Brother Is Watching Your Bookshelf Katherine blogs on the Huffington Post

Recently published

Hearts of Flame E-book

HEARTS OF FLAME, 1992 City of Toronto Book Award winner comes to new life as an Iguana Gem





The Shoe Project

The Shoe Project presents images and stories from its fifth and sixth sessions at the Bata Shoe Museum from April 3 - April 27, 2014. Read the stories here.

The Shoe Project will accept new members in September 2014. Learn more

The Shoe Project: 3-minute video: Find out what we do at The Shoe Project and how you can get involved.

The Shoe Project: Standing Room Only 2: Meet the members of the Shoe Project and sample their stories.

View the 20-minute video collage taken at the June 6, 2013 performance at the Arts & Letters Club in Toronto.

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